Marine Life


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Limited Edition Giclee Prints available 40x30cm


Title ; Marine Life

Acrylic on Canvas.

Original art work SOLD

Created 2012


His works showcase the beauty of the wildlife being wiped out by the appalling greed of corporations and polluting.


"I have focus on my strengths with my use of colour and animals in my creations which have given me, my own style and which  I have used to illustrate my thoughts and emotions on the world we live in."


Julio's paintings and prints are typically clear and well constructed compositions. Julio uses bold and effective use of colour to create an emotional impact. The contrasting colours create areas of light and shade, drawing viewers typically into the images. There is a great sense of peace and serenity in Julio's art work art prints featured in many private art collections throughout the world.


Limited Edition Prints provide the perfect way of starting an affordable art collection of British art and collectible Art prints also make the perfect gift.


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