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Original artworkAcrylic on Paper 32x22Inch.

Created 2012

Unknown love, was the third early work created three months after discoverying my new passion for painting and the beginning of my journey in prison, in 2012. 

This painting was inspired by a reoccurring dream of a woman standing on the water and whose face I could not see or recognised and that would disappear as I walked toward her. Looking back I can only assume that it was due to the uncertainty of a passionate experience would take place. 

That was a very hard time in my life. I had been detained in March and was just denied bail and my old life was crushed. I had to close my photography studio and hand my life and myself over to complete uncertainty. I lost control over what would happen next. 

Here was where I discovered the calming therapy of painting.

The painful loss of an old life led to a new beginning for me and that is why I have included this work in the special purchase collection. I hope it brings a sense of renewal in the most difficult of times.

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