The Anti Trump Art Show, organized by Creative Debuts , opens on Thursday, July 12th, 2018 from 6-10PM and will run till Thursday 19thh of July 2018.



Rivington Studios,

1 Bath Place





In response to Donald’s Trump’s planned visit to London on 13th July, a group of artists are joining forces to show their collective disdain of the, ‘dangerous racism, sexism and narcissism that flow daily from the White House,’ through a unique art exhibition.


Sixty artists will be showing a specially curated range of contemporary artwork including photography, sculpture, craft, fine art, and film whilst raising money for

End Violence Against Women Org on 12 July, the night before the organised protests.


Whilst the original state visit has been stepped down to a presidential visit, the creative communities are determined to show their discontent with his UK visit and the hate crimes he has instigated towards those who have been persecuted since he took office.


JulioCesartist one of the featured artists, speaking about his reasons for being part of this unique artists collaboration.



"I was appalled at the tactics that Trump used to rally support and win votes in the US elections. “My piece titled: A TRAMP WITHOUT RAGS has been the most time-consuming piece I have created, it is my depiction of the vile individual I think Trump is without going anywhere near the gutter where I think his rhetoric roams.


Trump has a track record as a sexist, chauvinist male which is a cause for serious concern given his position, and in just one year in office he has practically erased the gender equality advancements achieved through many years of lobbying. The transgender model in the piece represents the female and vulnerable in the work place where sexual harassment, pay gap differences and the authoritarian male dominant world that Trump has very openly made acceptable by degrading women with his words and actions continue to exist.


During his campaign his attack on the transgender community serving in the American forces was one of the biggest blows delivered to that community; 29 transgender women were killed in 2017 in the state of Alabama alone. “