My name is Julio C├ęsar Osorio and work under the artist name of Juliocesartist.

This is the online destination for art lovers seeking to embark on a captivating painting journey. As a Life taught painter, I discovered my immense talent during the darkest phase of my life in 2012 (Story at About).

Allow my paintings to inspire, captivate, and ignite your imagination. Follow me, as I continue to push boundaries, explore new depths, and bring my artistic passion to life on the canvas. Let my art speak to your soul and ignite your own creative spirit.

Now, at the mid-stage of my career, I have earned accolades for my unique technique and passion in abstract painting last year to add to my growing list after exploring diverse styles throughout my artistic journey.

My unique perspective, shaped by my Colombian roots and four decades in the UK, influences my work. As much as I have wanted to and been told to, I find it difficult to create in one style. This reflects the two sides that I have of myself; my two nationalities, cultures, friend groups, languages and so much more.

I invite you to witness the powerful connection between art and personal growth. Explore the depths of my imagination as I navigate through various artistic styles. See my journey, filled with passion, resilience, and a deep love for the transformative power of art.