Julio César Osorio - JulioCésartist 

Julio is a self taught painter whose journey began at the lowest point in his life (full story on About page) just as he was achieving recognition through his studio photographic work. In November 2018, he was selected as a finalist for the Newcomer category of the Global Arts Awards Dubai, followed by being listed as an artist in Artprice, the world leader in Auction databases in 2019.

His story is about the power art has to heal and transform people’s lives even in the darkest times.

"We met Julio out walking in Highbury Fields. He told us the fascinating tale of the trials and tribulations of his life as a Colombian immigrant in Britain, the discovery of his ability to paint and the redemption of his life through his art.

We viewed his current work, first online but then in his studio at his home. As always the strength and beauty of his work comes over most powerfully when seen live.

We love the vibrancy of his work with its dramatic use of colour. We bought a number of his works which now adorn our home. They serve as a daily reminder of the power of art to challenge and uplift especially in the sometimes dispiriting world of the pandemic."

Mr and Mrs Mcveigh