JulioCésartist's Painting Portfolio

I am a self taught painter whose journey began when I landed in prison just as I was achieving recognition through my photographic work. In November 2018, I was a finalist for the Newcomer category of the Global Arts Awards Dubai, followed by being listed as an artist in the International Auction house database in 2019.

My story is about the power art has to heal and transform people’s lives in the darkest times.

Artists are currently struggling without exhibitions and the chance to physically show our works because of COVID 19. So, for four weeks I am offering some of my favourite original artwork at a substantially reduced price.

This gives me space for new art, and supplies to keep me working through the pandemic. I also hope it gives more of you the chance to own and enjoy my original work. 

Click through the collections below to see the paintings I have selected as Special Purchases and find out why I have chosen them and a bit more about their creation.

Feel free to contact me to have a chat, enquire about prices of the other pieces or to discuss made to measure print or commissioning a tailor made piece of art work.