This project is on ongoing and was inspired by an article I read about how internet porn viewing hit record highs during the pandemic lockdown period. As an artist all my projects have a social element in them and this series is not exception as the growing demand created a new sector in the industry and with that an opportunity for any adult to register on any of the platforms that provide the web camming service, to stream life,  and earn in a safe environment while providing the service.

The paintings are vivid, dynamic and produced with a technic I developed for my abstract style of art. Each painting is created to reflect my moods, feelings and emotions when producing them, by capturing a moment from my chosen subject.

I use spontaneous and uninhibited energy to apply the paints as I work and get the unique results you see caused by the impact of them against the canvas, creating bursts of colours and fluidity in sporadic segments.

The project won two awards in 2023:

LUXGlobal Excellence Awards as Most Innovative Abstract Artist of the Year 2023 and the AI Global Media award in the Best in Business Awards 2023, art category for Most Innovative Freelance Abstract Artist 2023